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Security Port
Contains relevant information that pertains to security related issues and solutions.

Security Port

A Security Port Blog

More Funding for Security Company

NeoAccel Inc., an Internet security company, said Friday it received $4 million in funding, led by new investor Baring Private Equity Partners' India Fund.

Westchester County Mandates Wireless Security

New York's Westchester County has enacted a law designed to limit identity theft by forcing local businesses to install basic security measures for any wireless network that stores customers' credit card numbers or other financial information.

The law also requires that businesses offering Internet access -- coffeehouses and hotels, for example -- post signs warning that users should have firewalls or other security measures.

PeoplePC Security Pack

PeoplePC, a leading provider of high-quality, value-priced Internet service and subsidiary of EarthLink , today launched the PeoplePC Internet Security Pack an affordable, integrated suite of protection and security features that protects members' entire computers -- not just their email -- against viruses, spyware, and phishing.

RSA Security Buys PassMark Security

RSA Security Inc., a provider of Internet security software, on Monday said it acquired privately held PassMark Security Inc. in a cash-and-stock deal worth $48.2 million.

RSA also slightly lowered its second-quarter earnings guidance, but the estimate still brackets Wall Street expectations.

Menlo Park, Calif.-based PassMark Security develops Internet anti-fraud and authentication systems, and was co-founded by Bill Harris, the former chief executive of Intuit and PayPal.

Anchiva Systems Security Launch

Content security protection provider Anchiva Systems announced on Monday that it had launched the Anchiva Enterprise Content Security Appliance, a line of Internet gateway devices designed to remove spyware, spam and viruses.

Microsoft to Re-Issue Buggy Security Patch

Microsoft plans to reissue a security patch for its Windows operating system that caused serious headaches for some users do to conflicts and compatibility issues with nVidias Video Drivers and HP's Photo Sharing Software.

The fix is currently being tested.

Kaspersky Antivirus Software for Smart Phones

Kaspersky Lab has released a beta version of mobile antivirus software for smart phones using the Symbian OS, it announced this week.

The product, called Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile 2.0, can stop suspicious programs before they infect the phone and scan devices for malicious software, the company said.

Kaspersky Mobile Anti-Virus

Telecommuting Security Concerns Grow

Telecommuting is becoming a way of life as more companies let employees work from home to do jobs that might otherwise be done on corporate premises. As a result, IT managers are adapting security policies to encompass home PCs.

Last year an estimated 8.9 million people worked from home three or more days each month during regular business hours, according to IDC. A quarter of them worked exclusively from home. At places where home-based work has become the norm, IT managers say a key concern is ensuring each telecommuter's PC, typically granted remote access to a corporate LAN, keeps pace with office security guidelines.

Telecommuting Security Concerns at Issue

Money Spent on Security Increasing

Growing incidents of data breaches have led to companies spending more on protecting their data.

Nearly 40 percent of new security spending by businesses in 2007 will be directed towards protecting data, research firm Gartner said Tuesday, indicating a shift from securing the network to shielding information.

Increasing incidents of data loss, the rising costs associated with each incident, and the public disclosure that companies have to make after a data breach have led to the change, said Gartner.

Money Spent on Security Increasing

Yahoo Assisting Chinese Censorship

Yahoo Inc may have helped Chinese police to identify an Internet writer who was subsequently jailed for four years for subversion in the third such case, an advocacy group for journalists said on Wednesday.

News implicating Yahoo in the imprisonment of Jiang Lijun in 2003 surfaced on the eve of a summit between Chinese President Hu Jintao and U.S. President George W. Bush in Washington.

Yahoo is Supporting Chinese Censorship

Russians Unite Cyber Security

The Russian interior minister has called for the world to take a united stand against online criminals.

Rashid Nurgaliyev told a Moscow press conference for the International Anti-Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism Forum that the danger from online attacks is now as great as the threat from major weaponry.

Russians Unite on Cyber Security

Man charged with hacking into USC network

Hacker Claims He Earns Money for Penetration Testing -

25-year-old man has been charged with hacking into the University of Southern California's computer system and accessing information about student applicants.

A criminal complaint unsealed Wednesday charges Eric McCarty of San Diego with transmitting a code or command to intentionally damage the school's Internet student application system, federal authorities said.

Penetration Testing

Banking Sites Security Questioned

Online bank customers may want to pay a little more attention to their browsers the next time they log in, because many of the most popular banking sites in the U.S. may be needlessly placing their customers at risk to online thieves, a noted security researcher warned Thursday.

At issue are the user log-in areas on sites like and that ask customers to submit their ID and password information. Although these forms may be encrypted, they do not use authentication technology to prove they are genuine, according to Johannes Ullrich, chief research officer at the SANS Institute.

Bank Security Article

Hackers Collecting Taxes

A sharply higher number of fake e-mails purportedly coming from the Internal Revenue Service is bombarding inboxes this tax season, part of an escalating wave of cyber-crime that threatens the security of Internet transactions.

The bogus IRS e-mails represent a version of the Internet scam known as "phishing," in which online criminals try to fool computer users into divulging personal information such as credit card numbers.

Terrorist Groups Concerned About Internet Security

Terrorist groups, which for years have used the Internet and its various tools to organize and communicate, are paying more attention to addressing security and privacy concerns similar to those of other Web users, counterterrorism experts say. Recently, postings on jihadist Web sites have expressed increasing concern about spyware, password protection, and surveillance on chat rooms and instant-messaging systems.

Complete Article

Social Security Numbers Mistakenly sent to Classmates

University of South Carolina officials are advising students to watch their credit reports after the Social Security numbers of as many as 1,400 students were mistakenly e-mailed to classmates.

A department chairwoman distributing information about summer classes accidentally attached a database file to an e-mail she sent Sunday. The database included students' Social Security numbers.

IBM New Chip Security

In an effort to boost the level of data security on portable computers, cell phones and other gadgets, IBM Corp. is unveiling a method for injecting encryption capabilities into the heart of the machines’ circuitry.

There are multiple ways to achieve encryption, the mathematical art of encoding data to protect it from spying eyes. Specialized software can do the trick, as can hard-wired chips inside computers.

Complete Article

Security Websites

Check out these Security websites:

Alarm Tools - Alarm solutions directory including security alarms, burglar alarms, companies, emergency response solutions and fire alarms.

Security Software - Security software and security resources. A resource that will assist you in protecting your privacy without going to the extremes. Each of the pages include security articles that will answer many of the security related questions that we are asked.

Monitoring Tools - Stay apprised of critical security alerts with monitoring tools. Directory of monitoring solutions from environmental monitoring to server monitoring.

Chip Level Security

IBM is touting a new technology that it claims will greatly increase chip makers' ability to build embedded security features into processors used in mobile handsets, PDAs and other devices.

Tabbed with the code-name "Secure Blue," IBM said that the technology, which it labels as a security architecture, can be built into a microprocessor chip to provide defense features previously unseen in such embedded components and more common in mainframe computers.

Complete Article

Hydro Quebec Alters Plans

Hydro-Quebec has increased security measures after documents containing passwords and other highly classified information were stolen last month, spokesperson Marc-Brian Chamberland told The Gazette last night.

"We can't guarantee these documents haven't been in circulation," Chamberland said. "Between the moment they were stolen and the moment they were found, we don't know what happened."

The documents were found in an abandoned file folder on the platform of the Papineau metro station by an employee of Radio-Canada, the CBC's French-language service.

The documents had been in a briefcase belonging to a Hydro-Quebec security adviser, who placed it at his feet while he he had lunch with his colleagues on March 10. At the end of his meal, he realized the briefcase had disappeared, Chamberland said.

The documents were found a few days later, he added.

Complete Article

Security Certificates on Trial

Canada's contentious security certificates go on trial in the Supreme Court this spring in a trio of challenges to one of the most stringent laws ever passed by the federal government.

Three men who are suspected of having terrorist ties will ask the court to strike down the certificates, which have been described as Canada's version of Guantanamo Bay and McCarthyism.

Complete Article

Symantec Releases Instant Messaging Security Tool

Symantec Corp. is attacking one of the greatest hidden threats to corporate security -- instant messaging programs -- with the release of Symantec IM Manager 8.0, which includes management and protection tools for public and private IM programs.

The product is Symantec's first IM security product, and is a descendant of products developed by the company IM Logic, which Symantec purchased in January.

CIO Web Applications Security Warnings

In their rush to implement Web services, some companies may be exposing themselves to new security risks they may not fully understand, a security researcher said at the CanSecWest/core06 conference in Vancouver on Thursday.

During a conference presentation, researcher Alex Stamos outlined how a number of Web services technologies, including the Ajax and the XQuery query language, could be exploited by hackers to dig up secret information and attack systems.

Web services is a catch-all expression used to describe a form of distributed computing that uses standards based on XML to simplify the job of programming software. One of its key tenets is that Web services applications are extremely portable and can easily interact with different types of software.

Web Applications Security Warnings

Russian guided by security interests in LEU deliveries to India

Russia delivers low-enriched uranium to India while being guided by security interests, the head of Russia's nuclear power agency said Saturday.

"These deliveries are made in line with the main principles of the nuclear suppliers' group," Sergei Kiriyenko said after attending the Kudankulam nuclear power plant.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov earlier made an official visit to New Delhi, during which he said Russia would supply the fuel, adding that supplies were in the two countries' interests and did not contradict international commitments.

Uranium Supply

Securifrance to buy Initial Security

French securities services firm Securifrance has signed a declaration of intent to purchase Initial Security of Belgium, a unit of Rentokil Initial, the newspaper De Tijd reported in Saturday's editions.

The Belgian Dutch language paper said that Initial Security, which has about 1,400 workers, signed the declaration of intent to sell and a "definitive sale" is expected towards the end of April.

Initial Security provides guarding services, deals in security systems, provides responses to alarms and performs specialised industrial cleaning.

Congress Ready to Tighten Security, Add Detectors at U.S. Ports

Congress is likely to approve measures this year to tighten security at U.S. ports, including requiring the installation of radiation and nuclear detectors, lawmakers said.

Legislation being considered in both the Senate and House would also ease customs inspections for importers such as Bentonville, Arkansas-based Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world's largest retailer. In exchange, the companies would be required to tighten the security of their shipments.

Complete Article

Cell Phone Security Breach

Cellular phone viruses are still mercifully rare, but more than 60 percent of global companies mention security concerns as a reason for not giving employees advanced handsets, a survey found on Tuesday.

Security Clamp Down

Companies are clamping down on employees' workplace use of the expanding range of free Internet services, such as instant messaging and video downloading, to protect themselves from viruses, communications traffic jams and regulatory missteps.

General Electric Co. has barred outside instant-messaging and file-sharing programs, as well as access to personal online e-mail accounts such as those offered by Yahoo Inc. Telecom company Global Crossing Ltd. also blocks outside instant messaging and online e-mail accounts. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. is one of many banks that blocks Internet services it can't track or monitor, including outside instant-messaging, phone and e-mail programs.

Complete Article

Government Demands Records

The government insists it needs vast amounts of data from Internet search companies to prove that the 1998 Child Online Protection Act is necessary and constitutional, and its highly publicized subpoenas of America Online, Google, MSN, and Yahoo are only part of that effort. It turns out that the federal government's data gathering activity is broader and more extensive than previously reported: The U.S. Department of Justice has demanded information from at least 34 Internet service providers, Internet search companies, and security software firms.

Government Demands Records

Security Battles for Microsoft

When Microsoft Corp. researchers learned recently that a software flaw had been made public and could prompt Internet attacks, the company ordered a team to devote all its time to fixing the flaw and making the repair work with other products.

Microsoft argues that's the approach customers want and expect, but some security experts complained that the software company's traditional method, which could take days or weeks, wouldn't help people fast enough.


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