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Security Port
Contains relevant information that pertains to security related issues and solutions.

Security Port

A Security Port Blog
Web Templates for Security Websites

New Security Web Templates have been added. If you need a new security website have a look at these easy to use HTML templates.

40% Off Backup Platinum

Backup Platinum is easy-to-use and powerful backup program designed for Microsoft Windows. Makes a reserve copy of your critical data to hard or USB drives, CD-R/W, DVD, FTP or LAN with 128-bit file encryption and ZIP compression. Can run in service mode under NT, 2000, XP, and 2003.

Backup Platinum is 40% off on Software Deal of the Day

MySpace to Teach Internet Safety

MySpace said that it has launched a new public service announcement campaign focused on Internet safety. According to the social networking sites security head, Hemanshu Nigam, the firm is stepping up its safety education efforts to promote online safety awareness among parents, educators and teens. MySpaces outreach will include 10, 15, and 30 second video spots on Fox broadcast and cable networks, as well as efforts with nonprofit iKeepSafe for online flash tutorials aimed at parents.

Gospel of Hate

Terrorists linked to the al-Qaeda network are increasingly turning to the Internet to spread propaganda against their enemies and convince sympathizers to join their cause.

Diane Russel Ong Junio, an analyst with the newly-launched Philippine Institute for Political Violence and Terrorism Research, said that in the past couple of years, al-Qaeda-funded terrorists have increased the output of videos and other propaganda material on the Internet.

Google Maps Create Security Concerns

The Pentagon says the Street View feature in Google Maps can compromise military security. It has banned Google vehicles from entering any military installation after detailed images of Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Tex., appeared on Google Maps.

We don't have any issues regarding Google and their products, which are very useful tools, said Gary Ross, a public-affairs officer for the U.S. Northern Command. But the Street View provides clear imagery of control points, barriers, headquarters and security facilities that pose a risk to our force-protection efforts.

MTV Breached

Computer files with confidential data on about 5,000 employees at MTV Networks were breached by someone outside the company, the network told employees on last week.

MTV later said in a statement that the security breach occurred after an Internet connection in an employees computer was compromised.

Add Notification to Security Monitoring Software

PageGate integrates with many monitoring applications, to offer a level of notification. Alerts can be sent directly to cell phones or pagers, signaling individuals of any anomalies. Integration is typically done by passing messages to PageGate using commandline, or PageGate can poll a predetermined directory for messages.

Charlie Cards Cracked

A computer science student at the University of Virginia asserts that he has found a security flaw in the technology behind the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authoritys CharlieCard system.

German-born graduate student Karsten Nohl specializes in computer security. Nohl and two fellow security researchers in Germany say they have cracked the encryption scheme that protects the data on the card. The team warns that their breakthrough could be used to make counterfeit copies of the cards, which are used by commuters to pay for MBTA bus and subway rides.

Boston Software Industry Conference

The 2008 Software Industry Conference  will be in Boston, Massachusetts at the Boston Marriott Quincy from July 17-19, 2008.

The Software Industry Conference is a three day event, that culminates with the Shareware Industry Awards ceremony. There are also dozens of informative, educational breakout sessions covering a wide variety of topics. And if that is not enough there are three nights jam packed with plenty of time to mingle with other attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors including an Exhibit Night featuring the best software development products and services.

Attendee registration is only $199 if you register before April 1st!

College Security

Almost a year after the deadliest shooting on a college campus, Congress is still haggling over legislation that would provide federal dollars to colleges and universities to help pay for improved campus security.

Security is now a top priority at colleges across the nation after a student gunman at Virginia Tech University killed 31 students and a faculty member in April before shooting himself.

Advocates for safer campuses and improved security are frustrated that Congress has not acted to provide federal aid.

College Security

eBay Providing Security Advice

EBay is trying to help chief information security officers (CISOs) build a common front in the war against cybercrime

The company played host to chief security officers and a handful of technology vendors a few weeks ago, holding its annual Red Team security conference at the companies San Jose campus, billing it as a networking opportunity for security professionals where they could discuss areas of common concern.

Air Force Said to Block Blogs

A large organization decides that blogs cut productivity, provide misleading information and could compromise security. It discontinues access for its personnel, even though information is a key weapon in competition. The question is whether this is a smart policy for a large organization, especially the U.S. Air Force.

According to a report last week in Wired, the Air Force is eliminating access for its troops to virtually any site that uses the term blog. Sites are also being blocked because of a negative review of content by supervising personnel.

complete article

Company Security Mistakes

This story presents five mistakes that companies commonly make when writing and implementing security policies. As simplistic as some of these errors sound, they happen often enough and cause heavy damage to companies bottom lines.

Company Security Mistakes

VMWare Opens Up

In a move intended to improve the security of its virtualization platform, VMware has provided ways for third-party security vendors to integrate their applications into the platform.

Basically, VMware has provided a set of application program interfaces (APIs) to such security companies as McAfee and Symantec. The APIs, collectively called VMsafe, give the security programs the access needed to monitor and protect the memory, CPU and disk operations, and systems of virtual machines set up with the VMware hypervisor.

AVG New Release

AVG Technologies (formerly Grisoft) has released version 8.0 of its security suite, AVG Internet Security. The suite includes AVGs flagship antivirus product as well as spyware protection, personal firewall, antispam, and protection against malicious Web sites.

University of Hawaii to Help with Security

The University of Hawaii at Manoa is in line for up to $12 million over the next six years to co-manage a research center for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

UH Manoa was selected along with 10 other universities for five new Centers of Excellence. The centers will study such areas as border security, explosives detection, maritime and port security and natural disasters.

Block USB Access

MyUSBOnly is a unique product that provides security for USB storage devices that are so prevalent nowadays in any environment. Technically, it acts as something similar to a firewall that monitors the USB ports for any storage device that is connected to the protected computer. The discount offer is only good for a limited time!

Bush Plan for Cyber Security

Since January, the Bush administration has committed to spending billions to keep the governments computer networks safe from cyber-spies and other malicious hackers. But to keep digital intruders away from sensitive government information, some worry the government will have to do some spying of its own--on the U.S. private sector.

The House Committee on Homeland Security plans to hold the first public hearing Thursday on Presidential Directive 54, a project that could cost as much as $30 billion over seven years as it expands cyber-monitoring of all federal agency networks. Many former officials believe that the plan will go further, extending government surveillance to private companies, such as military contractors, that possess sensitive government information.

Web Log Analysis

Everyone who understands Internet Marketing will tell you to analyze your web logs... but what does that really mean? What particular things should you pay attention to when analyzing your web logs?

Web Log Analysis

Security Web Templates

Large collection of security related web templates for online security companies. Get a new look for your online security presence!

Software Industry Conference

This years Software Industry Conference will be held July 17-19, 2008 in Boston Massachusetts. The conference attracts industry leaders, software companies, and MicroISVs.

EU Rules for Search Engines

European data privacy regulators confirmed Thursday that Internet search engines based outside Europe must also comply with EU rules on how a persons Internet address or search history is stored.

Terrorists Online

Lawmakers in the United States and elsewhere should not to try to censor Islamic extremists' use of the Internet, says a new report from a global think tank.

There is no censorship option, Greg Austin, vice president of the East West Institute, told United Press International. Trying to suppress anything (on the Internet) except direct operational use by terrorists is a mistake.

Austin said a careful distinction had to be drawn between extremist sites advocating violent ideologies or asserting the right to use violence in general and terrorist sites that call for or support specific terrorist attacks.

The report urges that, rather than try to close extremists sites, the private sector and religious and community groups should step up, countering extremists propaganda strategy with messages that promote peaceful dialogue and emphasize the human cost of extremist violence.

complete article

What is a Firewall?

These days computer security is very important due to extensive use of Internet. People who use shareware and freeware software and utilities need to be very sure about their computer's security. A firewall is a software package that keeps track of any internet traffic pieces that go in and out of your computer.

complete article

Internet Abuse Affecting Politics

The increasing use of the Internet by political campaigns presents hackers and spammers with growing opportunities for abuse, according to two Internet experts.
Oliver Friedrichs is director of emerging technologies for Symantec.

Oliver Friedrichs, director of emerging technologies for Symantec, a computer security firm, said he has seen attacks of only moderate severity but warns much more damage could be done.Those attacks include: phishing, or e-mails designed to look legitimate but which take respondents to fraudulent sites; adware, or ads that appear through pop-ups or banners on Web pages; and spyware, which secretly monitors computer users. Fraudulent Web sites and plain old lies are also used.

Microsoft Opening Up

Microsoft Corp. says it will publish more information about how its products work, a move that will help competitors do a better job of building Microsoft-compatible software products. This is a major shift for Microsoft.

Most Stolen Software

The SIIA created a list of titles most pirated by companies last year. They include:

Symantec Norton AntiVirus
Adobe Acrobat
Symantec pcAnywhere
Adobe Photoshop
Autodesk AutoCAD
Adobe Dreamweaver
Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator
Roxio Toast Titanium
Ipswitch WS_FTP
Nero Ultra Edition

The most frequently pirated software titles on the Internet last year were:

McAfee VirusScan
Symantec Norton AntiVirus
McAfee Internet Security Suite
Intuit TurboTax
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Acrobat
Intuit Quicken Home and Business
Symantec Norton pcAnywhere
Symantec Norton Ghost
Adobe Creative Suite.

Hard Drive Causes Porn Scandal

A pink MacBook, a computer repair shop, an internationally renowned actor, and eight female pop stars are at the center of what is being described as the biggest Internet sex scandal in China.

It all began last year, when Edison Chen, a star of Infernal Affairs--the movie that inspired Martin Scorseses The Departed, dropped off his custom pink MacBook at a repair shop. Then in late January, thousands of sexually explicit images began appearing on the Internet that showed Chen in rather compromising positions with eight of the regions most popular actresses and singers. Authorities say the images were illegally copied from the computer by repair technicians.

Anti-Virus Solutions

The best anti-virus software is not free. Here are some fee based options, though they are discounted for a limited time:

Norton Anti-Virus -

BitDefender Anti-Virus -

Computer Associates Anti-Virus -

NYC Bans Sex Offenders on Social Sites

New York City prosecutors on last Tuesday endorsed the United States first proposed law to ban registered sex offenders from social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, officials said.

The district attorneys from all five of the citys boroughs announced their support for New York state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's proposal, which would ban thousands of the states sex offenders from communicating with minors online.

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