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Contains relevant information that pertains to security related issues and solutions.

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Intelligence Factbook

Factbook on Intelligence by The Central Intelligence Agency of the United -

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an intelligence agency of the United States Government. Its primary function is obtaining and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, and individuals, and reporting such information to the various branches of the Government.

A second function is overtly and covertly disseminating information, both true and false, that influences others to make decisions favorable to the United States Government.

The second function is usually known as propaganda or public relations. A third function of the CIA is to act as the "hidden hand" of the government by engaging in covert operations at the direction of the President.

This database contains a full-text searchable version of the Central Intelligence Agency's "Factbook on Intelligence". This document is an overview of the organization, history, and mission of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States.

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