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Contains relevant information that pertains to security related issues and solutions.

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History of Hacking

Hacking's sordid past.

St Petersburg Times History of Hacking - Hacking has been around for more than a century. In the 1870s, several teenagers were flung off the country's brand new phone system by enraged authorities. Here's a peek at how busy hackers have been in the past 35 years.

Road News History of Hacking - Early 1960s University facilities with huge mainframe computers, like MIT's artificial intelligence lab, become staging grounds for hackers. At first, "hacker" was a positive term that was used to describe a person with a mastery of computers who could push programs beyond what they were designed to do.

Timeline of Hacker History - This is a timeline of hacker history. Hacking and cracking appeared with the first electronic computers. Below are some important events in the history of hacking and cracking.

Hacking a History - The original meaning of the word "hack" was born at MIT, and originally meant an elegant, witty or inspired way of doing almost anything. Many early hacks took the form of elaborate practical jokes. In 1994, MIT students put a convincing replica of a campus police car on top of the Institute's Great Dome.

Hackers - Computer Outlaws

History of Hacking-related Events - December 1947 - William Shockley invents the transistor and demonstrates its use for the first time. The first transistor consisted of a messy collection of wires, insulators and germanium. According to a recent poll on CNN's website, the transistor is believed to be the most important discovery in the past 100 years.

PreHistory of Hacking - In the beginning there was the phone company — the brand-new Bell Telephone, to be precise. And there were nascent hackers. Of course in 1878 they weren't called hackers yet. Just practical jokers, teenage boys hired to run the switchboards who had an unfortunate predilection for disconnecting and misdirecting calls ("You're not my Cousin Mabel?! Operator! Who's that snickering on the line? Hello?"). Now you know why the first transcontinental communications network hired female operators.

Encryptoo History of Hacking - Here is a timeline of the noun "hack" and etymologically related terms as they evolved in historical English: In French, haquenée means an ambling horse. In Old English, tohaccian meant hack to pieces. At some point in the 14th century, the word haquenée became hackney, meaning a horse of medium size or fair quality. Shortly after, hackney was shortened to hack, and in riding culture the act of "hacking" (as opposed to fox-hunting) meant riding about informally, to no particular purpose.

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