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Security Port
Contains relevant information that pertains to security related issues and solutions.

Security Port

A Security Port Blog
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Key security websites that are oft overlooked but contain valuable information for security professionals or those interested in security in general:

Security Protection - collection of security RSS feeds.

Alarm Tools - security and alarm directory of related vendors.

Password Software - tools for managing and protecting passwords

Security Software - collection of key security software solutions.

Government Feeds - collection of RSS feeds from government agencies.

Take a look at the above websites, they are worth attention!

Purchasing Without Releasing Personal Information

Researchers at IBM have created a new shield for personal information in an effort to prevent identity theft online.

Code named Identity Mixer, or Idemix for short, the software was crafted by IBM researchers at the company's laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland, and will let customers purchase goods and services online without revealing their personal information.

DVDs Cracked

The encryption on high-definition DVDs has been bypassed, the consortium backing the copy protection system on discs has confirmed.

High Level Cyber Security Meeting

Internet security experts are gathering at a secretive conference later this week to strategize in their fight against cybercriminals.

The meeting on Thursday and Friday at Microsoft, is slated to bring together representatives from security companies and government and law enforcement officials, as well as others involved in network security. The agenda focuses on botnets and related topics, seen by experts as a prime threat to the Internet.

House To Better Protect Interns

The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Friday to better protect its teenage interns in response to an Internet sex scandal that helped Democrats win control of the U.S. Congress last November.

A day after the House wrapped up its "first 100-hour" legislative agenda in less than half that time, it moved to prevent a repeat of the seedy Republican affair.

On a vote of 416-0, the House approved legislation to add a former intern and a parent of a current intern to the House board that oversees its internship program.

Hackers Deface Gorbachev Website

Hackers attacked the Web site of a foundation run by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, accusing him of brutally suppressing a pro-independence demonstration in Soviet Azerbaijan in 1990.

The perpetrators posted photographs of the suppressed rally on the Web site and published an open letter to the former leader, blaming him for the deaths of more 130 people — a tragedy known in Azerbaijan as the Black January.

Vermont Removes Links to Social Security Numbers

The Vermont Secretary of State's office has taken down Internet links to business files that contain the Social Security Numbers of individuals.

Secretary of State Deb Markowitz says officials made the decision last friday after reports surfaced that the Social Security Numbers of some people could be found in some commercial records on the Web site maintained by her office.

MySpace Offer Parents Options

In a bid to appease government critics, News Corp.'s popular Web site is planning to offer free parental notification software -- a move that risks alienating its young users.

Parents who install the monitoring software on their home computers would be able to find out what name, age and location their children are using to represent themselves on MySpace. The software doesn't enable parents to read their child's e-mail or see the child's profile page and children would be alerted that their information was being shared.

Hackers Break DVD Protection

The first pirated HD-DVD movies have surfaced on file-sharing websites, according to new reports. HDTV Blogger has posted what it claims to be screen captures of at least seven HD-DVD titles available on BitTorrent servers.

Police Working with Cyber Vigilantes

The London-area Metropolitan Police Service has turned to some unlikely allies in the fight against Internet crime: cyberactivists who are taking action against online fraudsters.

The police are working with certain cybervigilante groups, using them as a source of information in the fight against fraud, according to sources within the Metropolitan Police fraud alert unit. This includes Artists Against 419, whose activities include consuming the bandwidth of fraudulent banking and lottery sites in an attempt to force them off the Internet.

complete article

Top 10 Malware Trends

Five years ago, the term "malware", if used at all, simply referred to viruses. Over the last few years, however, hackers and spammers have developed all sorts of new ways to invade your computer. Today, Malware, or malicious software, simply means any unwanted code or program that embeds itself on a computer without the user's knowledge.

Understanding the Enemy: The Top 10 Nastiest Malware Trends

Money for Vista Flaws

VeriSign's iDefense Labs has placed an $8,000 bounty on remote code execution holes in Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7.

The Reston, Va., security intelligence outfit threw out the monetary reward to hackers as part of a challenge program aimed at luring researchers to its controversial pay-for-flaw Vulnerability Contributor Program.

Schools Told Not to Use Vista

The British Educational Communications and Technology Agency has recommended that schools hold off upgrading to Windows Vista and Office 2007, citing no important benefits and a lot of extra costs.

Hacker Kit Threatens Ecommerce

A hacking kit threatens to disrupt online sales for etailers.

Canada Puts Money Into Security

Canada plans to spend more than $368 million over the next five years to protect its border from terrorist, economic and environmental threats.

Social Security Numbers Not Allowed on Checks

In Maryland a state law went into effect Jan. 1 that bars all employers, public and private, from printing the number on pay stubs, checks or other pay information. The state excised the numbers from its payroll in November in preparation for the change. Other businesses have been following suit.

Military Expands Domestic Spying Role

The Pentagon has been using a little-known power to obtain banking and credit records of hundreds of Americans and others suspected of terrorism or espionage inside the United States, part of an aggressive expansion by the military into domestic intelligence gathering.

complete article

Find Government Security Feeds

This RSS directory contains all Government RSS feeds from the Dept of Defense and Homeland Security. Simply navigate the directory using categories or use a keyword search.

What is Hot and What is Not in Technology

No big surprise cyber-security makes the 2007 list!

What is Hot and What is Not in Technolgoy

Paypal Adds Security

Online payment service PayPal is preparing to offer its users a new security weapon to help ward off data thieves and phishing scams with a password-generated key fob.

Google Maps Helping Terrorists

Terrorists attacking British bases in Basra are using aerial footage displayed by the Google Earth internet tool to pinpoint their attacks, say Army intelligence sources.

Internet Reliability

The earthquake off Taiwan at the end of December that shattered internet connections for millions in Asia demonstrated starkly how vulnerable the vital network is to interruptions.

Teenager Hacks with Hugo

A 17-year-old has been detained by Venezuelan authorities after hacking into multiple government Web sites and posting playful photos of President Hugo Chavez and his close ally, Cuba's Fidel Castro.

Abbas calls Hamas security units illegal

President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas took a step that could escalate tensions between Hamas and Fatah.

Abbas announced that the security forces established by the internal ministry of the Hamas government were illegal. Hamas said they would react to the dissolution of their security forces by using force.

Microsoft Pulls Security Patches

Microsoft has eliminated four of eight previously announced security patches scheduled to be available to system administrators on Tuesday.

The software giant Friday amended a notice posted on its Web site just the day before announcing the scheduled eight patches.

CISCO Aquisition in the Works

Reports indicate that Cisco wants to buy Internet gateway security vendor IronPort Systems for $830 million.

Security Bug in PDF Reader

Web users are being urged to upgrade their Adobe reader software as a security flaw is found in older versions of the program. Security researchers said malicious hackers exploiting the flaw could view victim's hard drives or use it to make phishing scams look more plausible. So far there is no evidence that the bug is being exploited in the wild.

Egypt Fights Cyber Terrorism

Egypt plans to put forward an international initiative to fight the spread of terrorism on the Internet, a senior official at the foreign ministry has said.

"The aim of this initiative is to improve coordination between different countries to prevent people or terrorist groups from using international Internet networks to serve their goals," said Aziz Seif al-Nasr, deputy foreign minister in charge of the terrorism file.

complete article

Security Spying on the Increase

Foreign countries, especially nations in the Asia-Pacific region, have intensified their efforts to steal sensitive U.S. defense technology, according to a Pentagon report circulated on Wednesday.

The Defense Security Service Counterintelligence Office recorded an annual jump of nearly 43 percent in the number of suspicious foreign contacts reported to U.S. authorities by defense contractors and other defense-related sources.

Security Spies

Generation Y is Too Open

When it comes to posting personal information online, predators and other criminals are, of course, always a concern.
But it goes well beyond that as more adults — teachers, parents, university admissions counselors and prospective employers — become savvy about searching online spaces. Sometimes, personal information lives on in the archives of Google and other search engines, no matter how much people try to get rid of it.

too much information

Russia Is Chairing UN Security Council

Russia is beginning the new year at the United Nations by chairing its Security Council.

Virginia Not Happy With New Port Security

A federal plan to screen port workers could drive up the cost of building and repairing Navy ships while doing nothing to improve security, industry officials say.

Under the new system, longshoremen, truckers and other transportation workers who need access to secure port areas will undergo FBI background checks and submit fingerprints that will be embedded on biometric cards.

complete articles

Top 10 Predictions for 2007

Top 10 Winners Predicted for 2007
1. Content Filtering - Search 2.0 will be all about filtering
2. Personalized Search and Vertical Search will be a winner in 2007
3. Social Networks
4. RSS
5. iPod / iPhone / Video iPod / iTunes
6. Cyber Security
7. Going Green
8. PodSafe Music
9. Videocasting
10. Online Real Estate

complete list of Top 10 Predictions for 2007

2006 Reflections, 2007 Predictions

For the most part in 2006, the world escaped Natures wrath, but people were far less kind to their neighbors. 2006 is scarred not by the winds and oceans but by political turmoil across the globe. The Middle East quagmire is the epitome of how wrong things can go, with the war in Lebanon, infighting in Palestine, Iran's nuclear ambitions, and Iraq's sectarian violence the deepest scars of 2006 were self inflicted with man being his own enemy. Of course, the Middle East is not alone with it's own self-destruction. Genocide in Chad and Sudan show how truly intolerant the human race really is. North Korea's impatience and nuclear activity have disrupted Asia. In fact, few areas of the world were left unscathed by man's ambitions in 2006.

Again technology has brought the tragedies of war and the personal stories of families from the farthest corners of the earth, to the door steps of the west. Citizen journalism and Internet propagation has added a complex layer to the stories. The growth of YouTube, Blogs, Podcasting and RSS have personalized the media and given listeners and watchers a personal connection to the reports.

2006 Reflections, 2007 Predictions

Alarm Tools

Alarm solutions directory including security alarms, burglar alarms, companies, emergency response solutions and fire alarms. Check out Alarm Tools

Security Freeze on Credit

Whatever the weather this New Year's Day, one kind of freeze in the forecast will come as welcome news to many Pennsylvanians: a newly available "security freeze" for their credit reports, designed to help them thwart identity thieves.

The state's new law, signed by Gov. Rendell in November and similar to laws already on the books in New Jersey and other states, is aimed at a problem fueled by the growth in "instant credit" available from retailers, auto dealers, cell-phone companies, and other businesses.

complete article

Banks Boost Security

Your bank’s Web site has a question: Is it really you? A new regulation that takes effect today requires banks to add another layer of security to protect their customers’ online transactions. Federal bank regulators dictated the change to counter concerns about identity theft.

Homeland Security Admits Privacy Issue

The Department of Homeland Security conceded a potentially serious privacy issue that existed as part of an anti-terrorism program that combined personal information of air travelers in the United States with consumer database profiles, and compared those records with lists of suspected terrorists.

In a report posted on the agency's Web site, the DHS Privacy Office admits that it inadvertently forwarded detailed personal profiles of U.S. airline passengers to the federal government's Travel Security Agency despite promising not to do so when the program, dubbed Secure Flight, was introduced in September 2004.

complete article

Hacking Grades of a Politician

The press attaché of a Montana Congressman has been left red faced after "hackers" he was trying to hire to change his lowly college grades published his email exchanges instead.

Todd Shriber, 28, a press officer for US Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg, was looking to persuade hackers to break into the systems of Texas Christian University and change his grades. The motive for his illegal actions was apparently to bolster his academic credentials ahead of a possible run for office.

Complete Article

Security in 2007

More Security Predictions for 2007

Who will find the first major security flaw in Windows Vista? Will it be released as zero-day? Is there an end in sight to the botnet menace? Is spam close to being canned? Just who are these criminals phishing for your credit card data?

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