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Contains relevant information that pertains to security related issues and solutions.

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A Security Port Blog
Mobile Spy

Paranoid types with trust issues have reason to celebrate, as Mobile Spy--a hybrid software/service that spies on smart phones--has finally infiltrated the iPhone.
Mobile Spy allows the account administrator to implant an undetectable rat inside the iPhone. It then squeals to a server, which is accessible via the Web.

Mobile Spy records SMS messages and inbound and outbound call info, including call duration. That means if you want to see what your employees are texting in real-time, or how long your teenaged daughter gabs with that kid from down the street, you can now do so for $100 per year.


This week the U.S. District Court in Maryland ordered two fly-by-night companies to stop promoting scareware through online advertisements. These pop-up ads would warn Web surfers that their systems had been compromised by viruses, spyware, and even illegal pornographic content. They were even so brazen as to suggest that users could be investigated or outed as some type of degenerate porn addict. Of course, they were happy to sell you software and services to alleviate the problem.

Unfortunately, there will always be a population of low-down dirtbags willing to take advantage of peoples fears and hardships. After September 11 they pitched gas masks; they sold bottled water for $10 a piece following Hurricane Katrina. Given the cybersecurity activity out there, we are bound to see more and more of these security scams. The difference here is that security con artists are preying on fears that users really don't understand. Consumers may get scammed or become cynical--neither of which is good.

We need a focused effort to pull together as a security community, educate consumers, and push for strict punishment of these flimflammers. If not, things can only get worse.

Video Security Issues

Security experts are warning Internet users to be aware of a disturbing evolution in malicious software that can turn a single infected computer into a vehicle for stealing data from nearby systems, regardless of what operating system or security software those computers may be running.

The evolution comes compliments of the DNSChanger family of malware, which usually comes disguised as a codec or browser plug-in that a user is told he or she needs to install in order to view Web-based videos.

Microsoft In the Out of Security

Two years ago, Microsoft rankled computer-security software vendors by jumping into their market. Now the company is again creating waves by pulling out of it.

Security Rules

The Chinese government is stirring trade tensions with Washington with a plan to require foreign computer security technology to be submitted for government approval, in a move that might require suppliers to disclose business secrets.

Rules due to take effect May 1 require official certification of technology widely used to keep e-mail and company data networks secure. Beijing has yet to say how many secrets companies must disclose about such sensitive matters as how data-encryption systems work. But Washington complains the requirement might hinder imports in a market dominated by U.S. companies, and is pressing Beijing to scrap it.

Cyber Security Czar

The Department of Homeland Security has failed to ensure the nations cybersecurity, a new report to be released Monday concludes, because the threat of cyberattacks is too vast for any one agency to tackle and must be addressed by a new White House office, as well as revised laws and government practices.
As President-elect Barack Obama fills the remaining cabinet positions in his administration, a Center for Strategic and International Studies commission is recommending Obama create a new office in the White House: the National Office for Cyberspace, headed by an Assistant to the President for Cyberspace.
The Commission on Cyber Security for the 44th Presidency, an independent, nonpartisan group, releases its final report Monday after more than a year of exploring how to address the countrys cybersecurity threats.

Norton Internet Security 2009

Symantec Corp. announced today that Norton Internet Security 2009 received a perfect score and was named the top-rated product in a comprehensive analysis of protection in security suites conducted by third-party testing organization Cascadia Labs.

Extremist Websites

The Internet is becoming an increasingy important tool for extremist groups, also in Norway. Head of the Security Police, Joern Holme says they are following developments closely.

Extreme web sites trying to influence young people to associate themselves with terrorism as a tool, is a global phenomenon which is also available to young people in Norway, Holme says.

The Cost of Failed Security

IBM said that based on data from its 3,700 managed security services customers worldwide, the number of security events had risen from 1.8 billion to 2.5 billion per day over the past four months, and noted that a significant proportion of clients logging in to the security centre had not done so in the previous six months.

Microsoft Taking Action Against Auctioners

Microsoft has launched 63 separate lawsuits against people peddling counterfeit software on auction sites.

The legal action targets sellers in 12 nations including the US, UK, Germany and France.

Most of those Microsoft has targeted have been selling fake Blue Edition versions of Windows XP.

Hacker With Aspergers Resisting Extradition

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been urged to halt the extradition to the US of computer hacker Gary McKinnon.

Mr McKinnon, from Wood Green, north London, faces up to 70 years in prison if found guilty in the US of breaking into military computers.

Supporters held a vigil and delivered a letter to Downing Street calling for him to be tried in the UK instead. Campaigners said the fact that Mr McKinnon has Aspergers Syndrome should be taken into account.

More Attention on Security Needed

Governments and banking institutions are still failing to pay enough attention to internet security, and allow too much responsibility to rest on the shoulders of consumers, according to Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab. Skip related content

Eugene Kaspersky, the anti-malware firms chief executive, argued that governments are more likely to pay attention to the current financial crisis than internet crime, despite figures from consultancy Deloitte released this week predicting that online spending will reach £4.7bn this year.

Malware Up 200%

In its End-of-Year Data Security Wrap-Up for 2008, F-Secure today announced that 2008 has been another record year of explosive growth in the amount of malicious software (malware) on the Internet. F-Secures detection count tripled in one year, which means that the total amount of malware accumulated over the previous 21 years increased by 200% in the course of just one year.

Software Estimates Time of Death

Scientists have proposed a new method to estimate the approximate time of death, based on the analysis of several substances from the vitreous humour of the eye of cadavers.

A team at the University of Santiago de Compostela has developed a piece of software which in fact makes it possible to establish precisely the post mortem interval, information that will make the work of police easier, the Statistics in Medicine journal reported.

To apply this technique, the researchers analysed potassium, urea and hypoxantine concentrations present in the vitreous humour of the eye of the human cadaver, and then introduced the figures into a computer programme.

China Cracking Down on Piracy

Authorities in a southern Chinese city require that Internet cafes pay close attention to the operating systems used on their computers, saying the rule should promote wider use of legitimate software. But is it really a way to help the authorities snoop on users?

The new rules that went into effect Nov. 5 in the city of Nanchang require operators of Internet cafes to remove unlicensed software and replace it with legitimate copies of either Microsoft Windows or China's homegrown Red Flag Linux operating system. The goal is to cut down on pirated software, said Hu Shenghua, a spokesman for the Culture Bureau in the city of Nanchang.

Malware is Getting Smart

Online attacks will be dominated by smarter malware and bots targeting Web users ranging from gamers and social network users to the elderly and unsuspecting parents.

This is according to IT management software company CA, maker of the CA Internet Security Suite, which was recently updated to the Plus 2009 version.

Security Gadgets

Sophisticated security-related electronics are expected to flood the domestic market after the Mumbai terror attacks.

Detection and surveillance solutions €” from biometrics to video surveillance to explosive or hazard sensors €” continue to gain momentum, while background screening, data analytics, biometrics, digital video, and sensor-based detection will continue to be major security investments over the next three to five years. The market is currently growing at 30 per cent annually.

Security Alerts Increase

The IT security vendor community came out in force today to warn consumers and corporate web surfers that internet criminals are likely to double their efforts over the Christmas season to infect machines and steal sensitive data. Skip related content

Content security firm Websense released a five-point plan to help users avoid scams, which includes taking steps to ensure that all systems are protected with the most recent patches.

Instant Alerts on Any Monitoring

Many companies use monitoring software to watch temperature control, systems, or other processes. By using alerting software in conjunction with the monitoring software you can receive instant notification of any system anomalies on a cell phone. PageGate easily integrates with monitoring applications to send alerts to individuals who need to be notified.

Stealthy Hackers

It used to be that when hackers raided a corporate computer system, they would perform the digital equivalent of a ransacking, messing up files, infecting anything and everything with viruses, and turn the machines into spam-spewing zombies they could use to infect other computers. But not today. Modern hackers slip silently into a small security hole and without disturbing any other records, patiently wait for their chance to strike.

Security Deals on Software Deal of the Day

Digital River Software Deal of the Day is offering HUGE discounts on some security products for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Buy one Norton 360 and get on FREE! Recieve $ 20.00 Off of Bit Defender Total Security 2009. These are great deals.

Have a Safe Thanksgiving

Have a secure and Happy Thanksgiving!

Security Tech Incubator

The University of Texas at San Antonio launched a new incubator that will help commercialize security technologies.

The Institute for Cyber Securitys (ICS) new incubator will provide start-ups access to seed capital, business advise, and office space and infrastructure on the campus. It is getting $5.5 million in funding from the state of Texas.

The first two start-ups being incubated are Denim Labs, which developed technology that protects PHP-based Web sites against certain types of intrusions, and SafeMashups, which enables Web mashup applications to authenticate with each other before exchanging data.

Joe Lieberman Retains Post

Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman will remain as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, after Democrats voted overwhelmingly to let him to stay despite his support for Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

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