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Security Port
Contains relevant information that pertains to security related issues and solutions.

Security Port

A Security Port Blog
McAfee and SiteAdvisor

A few weeks ago, the otherwise-conservative security firm McAfee shocked many by paying $70 million for a startup, SiteAdvisor, that was less than a year old, had barely 15 employees, and a product that had been in the market for only about four months.

What made SiteAdvisor so valuable was its idea: the company scanned the links thrown up by search engines like Google and Yahoo, checked them for malware, and marked out the ones that could be dangerous. SiteAdvisor then displayed the safety ratings right next to each search result in real time.

SiteAdvisor's idea isn't unique. The company already has competitors. On Monday, U.K.-based security firm ScanSafe, released a similar product called Scandoo. When the search page loads, Scandoo looks through all the results and offers a threat rating as well as a definition of the link.

SiteAdvisor Purchase

Rebuilding Security Forces

Australia must now plan to take a leading role in helping East Timor to rebuild its shattered security forces.
The tragedy of the past few days has starkly revealed the failure of the fledgling nation's security institutions.

The police force has disintegrated, the prisons are unguarded, the judiciary has ceased to function and criminal gangs roam the streets of Dili.

Rebuild Security Forces

Tony Blair On Security

There is universal agreement now that that the characteristic of the modern world is interdependence. But we haven’t yet had time to think through its consequences or understood that the international rule book has been ripped up.

Interdependence — the fact of a crisis somewhere becoming a crisis everywhere — makes a mockery of traditional views of national interest. Nations, even as large and powerful as the USA, are now affected profoundly and at breakneck speed by events beyond their borders.

Complete Article

Security Solutions

Finding the balance between George Orwell's 1984 and assuredness that your privacy is protected, has become a more difficult balance with the emergence of new technologies.

Finding the Right Security Solutions

AusCERT Protecting Infrastructure

Computer security outfit AusCERT will hire additional staff after being handed an expanded role in helping protect critical federal government IT infrastructure.

AusCERT general manager Graham Ingram said a landmark agreement with the Attorney-General's Department would lead to a bigger workload and a fatter budget.

BSA Wants Stricter Piracy Penalties

Twenty-seven per cent of PC software used in the UK is illegal, according to the Business Software Alliance. That is exactly the same figure that it revealed last year, so it now wants stiffer penalties from the Government in the hope of cutting the rate.

The BSA released its 2005 Global Piracy Study, which was conducted by the IDC, on Tuesday. It showed that the piracy rate has not moved since 2004 and reckons the losses to software publishers in the UK amount to more than $1.8 billion, the fifth highest total in the world.

Symantec is Flawed

Symantec's leading anti-virus software, which protects some of the world's largest corporations and U.S. government agencies, suffers from a flaw that lets hackers seize control of computers to steal sensitive data, delete files or implant malicious programs, researchers said Thursday.

Symantec said it was investigating the issue but could not immediately corroborate the vulnerability. If confirmed, the threat to computer users would be severe because the security software is so widely used, and because no action is required by victims using the latest versions of Norton Anti-virus to suffer a crippling attack over the Internet.

Symantec is Flawed?

Phishing Arrests

More than 565 people on three continents have been arrested over the past year as part of an international operation targeting mass-marketing fraud schemes, according to the U.S. Justice Department.

Phishing Arrests

Motion Picture Association of America Sued for Hacking

The Motion Picture Association of America has been sued by Valence Media, parent company of the TorrentSpy search engine, over its employment of a person to steal private information from them.

Attorneys for TorrentSpy said in the suit the MPAA paid $15,000 to an unnamed "informant" who entered their computer systems without authorization to collect information on TorrentSpy for his employer.


Gmail Users Locked Out of Email!

Google said it is "working to resume normal service soon" for Google Mail after a number of users of the e-mail service were left without access.

The search giant on Thursday confirmed the outage after some people complained they couldn't access their e-mail accounts. Problems were also reported with Google Desktop.

Complete Article

New Security Portal Focuses on Information

Security Port is an innovative web site that provides news, resources and information about critical security issues. The new site located at makes it easy for individuals searching for security solutions and information. Security Port helps users locate the latest security news and technology in one convenient location.

Security industry professionals and consumers can visit and browse a large directory of security resources. Information contained in the Security Port web site covers a wide range of security alerts, and warning subjects. Items such as security forums, security newsletters and security software are just a few of the topics covered. Each topic contains manufacturer links and brief descriptions. The software titles are specifically related to updates, alerts and warnings on security issues.

Security industry professionals and consumers can visit and browse a large directory of security resources. Information contained in the Security Port web site covers a wide range of security alerts, and warning subjects. Items such as security forums, security newsletters and security software are just a few of the topics covered. Each topic contains manufacturer links and brief descriptions. The software titles are specifically related to updates, alerts and warnings on security issues.

Academic Security Paper

In an academic paper to be presented next month at the University of Cambridge in England, a research team will make a compelling and somewhat surprising mathematical case for how enterprises should spend their IT security budgets.

The three researchers, from the Florida Atlantic University in Orlando, looked at how companies can evaluate their vulnerabilities, analyze the risk and calculate the potential for damage.

The paper, called "Economics of Information Security Investment in the Case of Simultaneous Attacks" breaks threats into two categories

Complete Article

Computer Security Molded After Human Immune Response

The way the body's immune system responds when its cells are under attack has inspired a new way of protecting computer networks from viruses and hackers.

An intrusion detection system for networks that listens for distress signals from besieged computers is being developed by a team led by computer scientist Uwe Aickelin at the University of Nottingham in the UK. It is designed to offer networks better protection from the ravages of email viruses and denial of service attacks, and in tests has already defended a network against simulated hacker attacks.

Computer Security

Computer Security Survival Guide

New threats to your computer infrastructure emerge every day. Baseline's Security Survival Guide provides tips and techniques to help you safeguard your organization.

Computer Security Survival Guide

Technology Has Uneven Record on Securing Border

Applying lessons the U.S. military has learned in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Bush administration is embarking on a multibillion-dollar bid to help secure the U.S.-Mexican border with surveillance technology -- a strategy that veterans of conflicts abroad say will be more difficult than it appears.

One component of the Strategic Border Initiative provides the technological underpinning for the bold prediction by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff that the United States will gain control of the Mexican border and the Canadian border in as little as three years.

Complete Article

RFID to Track People

The Department of Homeland Security's Privacy Office has issued a draft report that strongly criticizes privacy and security risks of using radio frequency identification devices for human identification. Public comment on the paper is being taken until May 22.

The privacy office says the technology offers little performance benefit for identification purposes compared with other methods and could turn the government's identification system into a surveillance system.

RFID to Track People

iPods a Security Threat?

The Inquirer is concerned that those sneaky Chinese could use the fact that they make most of the world's iPods to help roll out their plans for world domination.

Since the US State Department wants to ban Lenovo PCs which are made in China, because they may contain spyware, we feel it our duty to alert the world to the potential threat of the iPod.

Complete Article

Tyco Recalls Smoke Detectors

The smoke detectors could experience reduced sensitivity to smoke in conditions of high humidity and high temperature. If this occurs, these detectors could delay detecting the presence of smoke in the event of a fire.

Security Alert in Delhi

In a late development on Tuesday, the Delhi Police sounded an alert in and around the US embassy after a tip-off from Intelligence Bureau (IB) that American diplomats are likely to be targeted by an Islamic group based in Ramallah, West Bank.

Complete Security Article

China Tightening Online Security

China will improve a supervision system over its Internet security by developing and adopting new technologies, Xi Guohua, vice minister of information industry, said Wednesday at a conference marking the 38th World Telecommunications Day.

China faces severe security problems in Internet information, and the country will enhance its protection system of information security and build backup information copies in case of emergency and disaster.

Cyber Security Threats Looming

Attacks on U.S. computer networks could escalate from mere inconveniences to disasters that ruin companies or even kill people, according to the head of a cyber-security unit working with the U.S. government.

Scott Borg, director of the Cyber Consequences Unit, or CCU, a Department of Homeland Security advisory group, said increasing intelligence "chatter" was pointing to possible criminal or terrorist schemes to destroy physical infrastructure such as power grids.

Complete Article

Privacy vs Domestic Security

For years, Britain has run computer analyses on millions of domestic phone calls to hunt terrorists, a national security consultant points out. But then, Britain doesn't have a Bill of Rights.

That helps explain the budding controversy in this country over new disclosures that the National Security Agency has similarly amassed tens of millions of domestic phone call records of ordinary Americans.

Privacy Issue vs Domestic Security

Liberty Versus Security

Comment collection regarding the NSA's collection of phone records of US citizens.

Google Information Collection a Cause for Concern

Anti-Google sentiment is on the rise. Web pundits have tossed around monopoly theories and privacy advocates have warned of a day of reckoning. While Google has made friends on Wallstreet, it has disappointed the technical evangelists who were once its fiercest followers. Google has grown into a big scary company and web watchers are expressing their concerns about the information Google gleans from their various services.

Google Privacy Concerns

Proposal for National Security Court

Columnist Glenn Sulmasy, a professor of the law at the US Coast Guard Academy, says it's time for US military commissions to evolve and morph into a national security court appropriate to handle the international jihadist threat.

The Global War on Terror has created ambiguities in both the laws of armed conflict and how best to fight the new war of the 21st century. The asymmetric threat of terrorism itself, no defined nation state to fight against, the relative problems with the Military Commissions in Guantanamo Bay (GITMO), allegations of torture and the recent constitutional issues surrounding wiretap efforts of the National Security Agency all highlight the lack of appropriate laws to govern this new conflict. Nowhere is this ambiguity more evident than in the United States’ handling of detainees.

Complete Article

Increase in Nations Defense

Australia will spend more money on the nation's defense and anti-terror war under the budget for the 2006-07 financial year  announced Tuesday.

Defense budget for 2006-07 will be 19.6 billion dollars, rising 12 percent over that in the previous year.

RCN Statement on Alleged National Security Agency's Warrantless Surveillance Program

We are committed to the privacy and confidentiality of our customers' personally identifiable information. RCN maintains a privacy policy under which RCN does not disclose such information unless disclosure is required by legal process," said Richard Ramlall, RCN's Senior Vice President, Strategic & External Affairs.

Security Risks of Stolen Notebooks

With businesses relying more on laptops and mobile technology, more and more sensitive information is leaving the office, often unprotected.

And when a laptop is lost or stolen, it's not only an inconvenience but potentially a security breach.

Windows Security Market

Know that thriving US$3.6 billion Windows security software market? You know, the one dominated by the likes of Norton and McAfee? It's about to get beat up, kicked to the ground, and have its lunch money taken, or such is the tone of a report by the Yankee Group. The analyst firm believes that Microsoft's next OS is going to take a bite out of existing market.

Complete Article

Ultralight Causes Security Concerns

Two French adventurers in an ultralight plane touched off a security scare last week when they flew across the Florida Straits from Cuba and made an unauthorized landing in Key West.

Agents from the Border Patrol, Customs and the FBI rushed to the Florida Keys tourist town's airport with lights flashing when the tiny, zebra-striped two-seater touched down.

Turkey Taking Charge of Security

Turkey will take the necessary measures to not permit any other country to handle its security, said Namik Tan, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman.

Tan’s weekly news briefing touched upon the Turkish military’s preparations along the Eastern and Southeastern borders of Turkey.

Security Beefed Up

Security officials in Germany are bracing for two very different threats when more than a million people stream into 12 German cities in less than a month for the soccer World Cup.

US Team Bus Without Flag for Security Reasons

The official team bus to be used by the United States during the World Cup will not bear a flag for security reasons.

Security Breaches

A leading fraud investigator has said the retailer at the centre of a recent credit card details security breach cover-up should definitely disclose details of the breach and admit what has occurred.

And it's a view shared by the heads of IT at a number of organisations.

Bryan Sartin, VP investigative response at Cybertrust, has worked on many large security breaches and this week told companies rarely make the right decision when they decide to hide what has happened, adding "the damage is tremendous" when that decision backfires.

Security Breaches

RSS Security Feeds

Security Protection is a portal for easily locating security related RSS feeds. The site contains RSS feeds covering a gamut of security issues. From Homeland Security Concerns to Internet Security Feeds and Virus Alerts.

Apple Users Complacent About Security

A new report from US security firm McAfee has suggested that Apple users are complacent about security.

McAfee's Avert Labs said that Macintosh platform vulnerability discovery rates have increased by 228 per cent in the past three years alone, from 45 in 2003 to 143 in 2005, compared to Microsoft's products which saw only a 73 per cent increase.

Middle East Security Concerns

Hamas's new security force is expected to start operating in the Gaza Strip next week, sources in the Palestinian Authority Interior Ministry said on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Hamas leaders warned over the weekend of a new intifada and said they would "chop off" the head of anyone who works to bring down their cabinet.

Complete Article

Security Succession

The nomination of Gen. Michael V. Hayden to take over the CIA would trigger a fresh battle over the secret warrantless surveillance program he oversaw on behalf of President Bush, a debate that could help shape the contours of the fall midterm congressional elections, officials in both parties said yesterday.

Complete Article

Google Profitted From Child Porn

A Long Island politician who describes himself as a "quality of life guy'' on his Web site filed a lawsuit Thursday claiming the Google search engine company is profiting from child pornography.

"This case is about a multi-billion dollar company that promotes and profits from child pornography,'' said a 16-page complaint filed in state Supreme Court in Mineola by Jeffrey Toback, a member of the Nassau County Legislature.

Complete Article

Cool Vendor for Internet Security

Prevx, a leading developer of Intrusion Prevention technologies, has been named a 2006 Cool Vendor in Gartner's March 2006 Security and Privacy report for its ability to detect and defend against new and prevalent Internet security threats.

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